About me and how I can help you

RTT therapist in Stockport

My career spans over 30 years working in high pressure sales, managing teams and creating effective and positive mindsets.

I`m a highly experienced performance coach and derive huge satisfaction from helping (and witnessing) others change and enjoy personal growth

I qualified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and certified Hypnotherapist when I graduated from The Marisa Peer School in June 2019

 I help people at home and in business break free from the fears, phobias, anxiety and negative thinking patterns, that keep them trapped in jobs, relationships and lives that are making them unhappy.
I help my clients to find the courage and the confidence, they need to give them a renewed passion and purpose for life.
Self limiting beliefs can stop you progressing in life. in your job or in your business
My therapy sessions help you let go of these beliefs and help you find a new you 


Mike helped me identify the root cause of my habits and unhelpful beliefs I`ve unknowingly carried around inside me for decades
I came to Mike with a long-standing problem with anxiety and panic attacks which were having a huge effect on my personal and private life
Mike has completely cured my chronic claustrophobia. I really could not sit in any room with a closed door or step anywhere near a lift.