Addiction to something can be defined as the pursuit, acquisition or consumption of anything that moves you away from a bad feeling and towards a good, or less painful feeling

Those who have addictions are almost always suffering with emotional pain and the only way to ‘run interference’ to the pain is via the distraction of  a frequent  ‘temporary fix’

That fix may briefly fill an empty emotional void but can never heal the festering emotional wounds that create the deep-seated pain and limiting beliefs and habits

RTT and Addiction

I help clients find and understand the origins of how they acquired the beliefs that they need an addiction to provide their unmet needs, which commonly is associated with low self-esteem or just not feeling good enough

There are countless addictions but RTT can overcome any specified addiction such as food or binge eating, alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, hoarding, sex, pornography, exercise, sugar or chocolate….to name but a few…..

Do you know what's holding you back in life ?