Pretty much all of us have experienced a lack of confidence in some or any part of our lives at one time or another. Some of us find that lacking confidence has a detrimental impact on life and can be a significant blocker to happiness and success for adults and children alike

No human being is born with a lack of confidence, rather our confidence levels may become suppressed through life experience and how we often misinterpret what we experience, particularly in our earlier years. 

Low confidence is commonly linked to the fear of rejection in any social or work situation, which often leads to evasive behaviours that prevents us from asking for, or getting what we want in life


How does therapy improve confidence – using RTT?

I use RTT to reactivate clients innate confidence and help them permanently over come the fear of rejection or criticism and reclaim the power to go after exactly what they want out of life
Some of the deep-seated beliefs client present with are:-
I don’t matter or I’m not important
Parents or other relevant adults never showed faith or confidence in me
I’m terrified of being rejected so I can`t find love/new job/social group/hobby
I feel inferior to everyone else and compare myself poorly with others


Do you know what's holding you back in life ?