Commonly now considered as a societal issue, reported cases of depression or having suicidal thoughts are increasing at an alarming rate with younger people becoming evermore susceptible to crippling, intractable emotional pain.

 More recent and broader research into this condition clearly shows the link between depression and unmet emotional needs of a person and not purely a biological or chemical disorder they acquire or inherit

If someone develops the feelings of not belonging to a group or community, or not feeling valued by others (or themselves), or not believing they have a future or a purpose in life – they may be at significant risk of some form of depression


How does therapy treat depression? – Using RTT?

I use RTT to help clients find the underlying subconscious beliefs that have led them to feelings of depression
Some typical causes of depression might be:-
Not following your hearts desire and the belief that life-fulfilment is simply not available to you
The feeling of being different to everyone else and not being able to connect with others
Constantly saying harsh, hurtful and critical words to your inner self
Unacknowledged hurt or pain
The belief of inheriting the depression gene from a relative or replicating depression of someone close when you were a child

Do you know what's holding you back in life ?