How to overcome imposter syndrome

The term “Imposter Syndrome” is now popularly used to describe the feeling of lacking confidence within a work environment, or feeling like a fraud when someone reflects (often, inaccurately!) on their own skills, experience, qualifications or general confidence as not being good enough for the role they currently occupy – A sufferer of this affliction typically has a sustained voice of self-doubt in their minds about themselves and whether or not they add value to either/both colleagues or clients

But  is a bit more than a fear of failure. It’s a psychological phenomenon in which a person believes they’re not as smart or skilled as their peers (or those around them) think they are. People experiencing impostor syndrome feel like frauds, and often attribute their successes to luck rather than real competency, talent, or skill. They often live with a high levels of stress and anxiety that they’ll be “found out” and “exposed” or as “undeserving”

I help clients re-discover their confidence and self-esteem to achieve success within their company working environment or even within the market they have chosen to launch their own business

Most clients are in a hurry to see change quickly which is why this type of therapy is so effective in rapidly installing self-belief and ultimately remove any psychological `interference` that can undermine all your skills, potential, experience and ambitions

We place your focus on your turning the volume down on your `inner critic` and massively turn up the noise of your own `cheerleader` all with the aim creating huge levels of confidence and self-esteem – If you don`t believe in yourself…..who will?