What does a resilience coach do?

As an accredited Resilience Practitioner and executive coach, I have a huge passion for improving both mental well-being and organisational performance.


I`m adept at collaborating with leaders seeking to optimise their team`s performance, simultaneously improving their individual and collective ability to cope with adversity, pressure, and change.

Resilience is the ability to cope with stress in a way that strengthens an individual and their relationships.

People who are resilient bounce back faster, perform better and achieve breakthroughs – Having a coach can give you the confidence to face, rather than avoid life`s challenges.

Resilience coaching helps you deal with emotional issues, such as stress, depression, anxiety to help anyone find the road to a happier more fulfilling life. Resilience is not a personality trait that some people are merely `born with`. It is a trainable, and essential, life skill.

Mike Andrews Therapy

I help people get through difficult times.

Decades of evidence-based study and research tells us how greater resilience can be attained from three core disciplines: –

  • Behavioural Science
  • Positive Psychology
  • Health Psychology

Organisational benefits of enhancing employee resilience

  •  Higher subjective well-being
  •  Lower perceived stress
  •  Reduced number of sickness absence
  •  Higher work performance
Elements of resilience

I draw on almost 30 years of commercial sales, leadership, and performance development management experience within several Blue-Chip companies such as Guinness UK, Camelot Ltd, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals and Nestle Health Science. The greatest impact I demonstrate to clients is motivating others to take ownership of their own personal development for sustainable change and improvement – Linking desired feelings and behaviours to their ultimate goals can have a profound affect and an individual’s commitment to self-improvement.

Additionally, I`m also a licenced Rapid Transformational Therapist – A complete, solution-based treatment combining the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT and neuroscience with the power to address anxiety.

I also support clients who are finding it more challenging to overcome more deep-routed (subconscious) self-limiting beliefs such as imposter syndrome, public speaking, managing difficult employees, amongst many other work-based sources of stress.

Bespoke packages available - Examples below

Option 1

90 minutes `Lunch and Learn` Resilience Awareness workshop.

Defining resilience and sharing key strategies on how to strengthen it, consequently reducing stress and promote positive mental health within your teams.

Option 2

Activity-led group learning on how your team can optimise their ability to perform, cope and grow under pressure and develop effective problem solving skills to address challenges, change, and times of adversity.

Option 3

Coaching `on tap`.

Personal, solution-focused coaching, utilising a fully validated psychometric tool (The RQI – Resilience Quotient Inventory) that measures individual resilience, as well as an employee`s current level of perceived stress and subjective well-being. These coaching sessions can be allocated whenever required by a nominated team member(s)

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