Stress & Anxiety

Stress or anxiety is not just a mental health issue – Commonly, the symptoms of consistent worrying about everything and anything, rational or irrational,  will trigger debilitating physical symptoms

 Symptoms can appear in the form of fatigue, low, sleep disorders, body pains , palpitations, shortness of breath, perspiration etc 

If acute episodes of intense stress or anxiety are not addressed they can quickly evolve into a chronic condition and pose a serious threat to physical and emotional well-being


RTT with Stress and anxiety

Using RTT I can help you confront any issues that trigger stress and empower you to cope with whatever life may throw at you – In life it`s impossible to avoid stressful situations, but to have the ability to build your own courage to deal with them and minimize the impact they may have on your health and happiness

Sometimes its hard to accept the things that cannot be changed in life, and to move on. Its only right that a period of mourning, or grieving should exist, but holding on to pain for too long can make your body ill. Studies have shown that chronic stress has a significant affect on the immune system, which can ultimately manifest illness. Physical illnesses associated with stress include IBS, migraines, high blood pressure, kidney disease and chronic muscle tension to name a few.

When you do nothing, problems can get even worse and staying in situations because its easier than making changes, can keep you trapped with more of the same. When people are ready to accept what is, through the process of hypnotherapy, I teach them to let go to the past, and have the courage to accept and trust that their future will not equal their past. For things to be different it is so important to do things differently, and that starts with thinking differently. Thoughts like, “I can’t change this” and “why is this happening to me” will keep you passive and stuck, and can even often lead to addictive behaviours. This is simply an avoidance tactic and is a slippery slope to more problems.

RTT can really make a difference to people suffering from anxiety.


For some people anxiety becomes a constant way of living that they can’t shake off. Things may have calmed down in their life, but they get stuck in the worrying phase, stressing about what could go wrong next, and even making up things to worry about; “What if it happens again?”, or “What if that happens to me?”. These kind of unhelpful thoughts can keep your mind and body trapped in a state of constant overwhelm, with moments of happiness becoming only short-lived, as the person focuses on it not lasting or something going wrong. Thoughts like, ”It cant stay this good” are based in fear and only serve to spoil the moments of joy.


These can be terrifying, and can come out of nowhere. You might even be safe, at home in your own bed, and suddenly, your heart is racing, you can’t breath and you feel extreme fear. For a great many of my clients, their panic attacks are a complete mystery to them. They have no idea why they suddenly have to get out of the building or train, or why they can’t breath or feel faint. Its always so interesting for them to discover why the subconscious mind has created these panic attacks and always a great joy to take back their personal control. When you understand whats going on, then, and only then can you fix it.


All memories, good and bad are locked away in the subconscious mind. Its a bit like a filing system on the hard-drive of your computer. If you’ve suffered trauma in the past, PTSD is a type of flashback memory that puts you back into the anxious state of the past. Using RTT, a past trauma can safely be reviewed, at subconscious level, and then reframed. The painful emotions can be reduced dramatically, so that you are no longer affected by them. The mind does what you tell it, and so if you let it know repeatedly that this memory no longer has a purpose in your life, the incident can stay in the past where it belongs.


When you have a belief that you are inferior to others or you don’t feel good enough, its easy to see how social situations can be the cause of great stress and anxiety. Feeling less that others is a very destructive way to live your life, and can stop people from pursuing their dream jobs, dating, or even enjoying hobbies. At its extreme, it can lead to depression and at best it creates a very limited life. When we change how we view ourselves, we can have a better life. Confidence and self esteem, can be built gradually, so that you can develop the skills to beat this type of fear.



Do you know what's holding you back in life ?