What my clients say

In just a single two hour session with Mike, I lost all my feelings of having no control of what I either ate or drank and two months on I have transformed my weight, body shape and most importantly, my self-esteem and confidence. Mike helped me identify the root cause of my habits and some pretty unhelpful beliefs I`ve unknowingly carried around inside me for decades – since our session, I have never looked back…. I can`t begin to describe how much happiness this intervention has brought back into my life – I have even started regular exercise for the first time in many, many years!!!
Lianne Preston
Mike has completely cured my chronic claustrophobia – I really could not sit in any room with a closed door or step anywhere near a lift. This was a huge problem for me both at home and at work. I would have crushing chest pains and couldn`t regulate my breathing at the thought being trapped anywhere After a 90 min appointment with Mike, the methods he used have allowed me to cope with any situation that would have previously paralysed me with stress – I honestly can`t thank him enough as it feels like I`ve got my life back
Helen, Denton
I came to Mike with a long-standing problem with anxiety and panic attacks which were having a huge effect on my personal and private life – Being in unfamiliar places was becoming unbearable and gave me my all sorts of physical problems such as shortness of breath, trembling and shaking. It had taken over my life – This therapy has given me back my ability to control my fears and worries. The personalised audio recording Mike made for me has really helped me cope with all the stuff that was making me a nervous wreck!!!
Natasha, Manchester
I would recommend Mike to anyone who had the same feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem that I had. When he placed me under hypnosis he helped me to completely reinterpret some long-standing memories that used to be so painful – He helped me realise during our session that these feelings of not being likeable or lovable were no longer relevant and I have now started to heal some deep emotional scars. I feel absolutely brilliant
Haley, Manchester