How does therapy work for weight loss?

It is a fact that only approx. 2% of diets work…..which means 98% don`t!!! 

            Poor eating habits are usually emotionally driven, which means that will-power for weight loss can never be a permanent solution to maintaining a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle. Having to deny yourself of foods that you crave makes you only want them more….

I can help you achieve your weight loss goals – You will be able to uncover and understand the origins of your negative eating/lifestyle habits and consequently create a new, healthier and relationship with food and/or exercise….. permanently…..

Therapy for Weight loss using RTT

There are countless causes for over-eating or unhealthy levels of weight gain…..
Using RTT I can help you find the cause – I never make any assumptions for an individual client, however some typical examples are:-
Using food to fill the void of feeling unloved, or the loss of a loved one
Rebellion against being forced to eat unwanted food as a child
The feeling of not having enough food as a child leading to a scarcity mindset
Sugary and fatty foods recreating happy childhood memories  with parent(s) – (Remember that the only food that contains sugar AND fat is breastmilk!!!)
Deliberate weight gain for protection after experiencing sexual abuse
Simply stuck in  a looping thought process of not feeling good enough about yourself……









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